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Conveyancing: Should You Use a Lawyer or a Conveyancer?

You're probably wondering why a law firm is writing an article about who you should choose (a lawyer or a conveyancer) to assist you with the purchase or sale of your property. We're going to tell you to choose a lawyer, right? Wrong.

Both a lawyer and a conveyancer are trained and qualified to conduct the conveyancing process and represent you in your purchase or sale. Sometimes a conveyancer will conduct the conveyance at a cheaper rate. Why?:

  • It costs less in education and training to become a qualified conveyancer.
  • Indemnity insurance for a conveyancer can often be cheaper.
  • Society expects conveyancers to be cheaper because they have not undertaken all of the training and education to become a fully qualified lawyer.
  • A cheaper rate entices you to use a conveyancer rather than a lawyer.

Who should you choose?

  1. A lawyer or conveyancer who is up to date with their knowledge of the conveyancing laws and regulations

    Whoever you choose should be up to date with their training and knowledge of the conveyancing laws and regulations. Conveyancing laws and regulations change very frequently and it is possible for conveyancers and lawyers to become out of touch with today's legal requirements.

    You should feel comfortable that your lawyer or conveyancer is a skilled operator and is confident in their knowledge and training to assist you with your sale or purchase.

    Having a lawyer or conveyancer who is skilled and well-trained can reduce your risks and liability when conducting the transaction. This will ensure a smooth and well communicated process.
  2. A lawyer or conveyancer who offers a fixed fee

    The last thing you want to receive at the settlement of your matter is an unexpected bill for your conveyance. You want to know what all the costs and expenses are going to be up front, so it is always good to receive a fixed fee price from your lawyer or conveyancer.

    A fixed fee price can fix your fee for the conveyance, and/or it can also fix the price for both the fee and any disbursements for the conveyance (the cost of compiling the documents in the contract, title searches, etc).

    Don't leave yourself open to a large bill at the end of your matter. Your lawyer or conveyancer should be able to tell you the fees and disbursements you will incur for your conveyance upfront and provide you with a guarantee that they won't change.
  3. You need your Will or another legal document updated as well

    Often when a property is purchased or sold, you will find it a good time to update your Will. You may have just bought your first home or an investment property. It is an important time to consider what would happen to this asset if something were to happen to you.

    If you need a Will, or any other legal document drafted, a conveyancer will not be able to assist you with this. If you are using a conveyancer to buy or sell your property, you will then need to meet with a lawyer to draft your estate planning documents.

    Consider whether you may need to update these documents at the conclusion of your matter. It may save you time and money making another trip to a lawyer's office if you can do it all at once. A lawyer may even give you a discount for instructing them to act for you in both matters. Always ask your lawyer if this is an option for you.
  4. Old fashioned customer service

    Good old customer service and communication skills seem to be a dying art these days. Whether you are buying or selling your first home or your tenth, it is important to be kept in the loop as to what is happening during the conveyancing process. A lack of communication gives rise to a lack of confidence and uncertainty in your matter and may make you think - am I at risk?

    A good conveyancer or lawyer will be in communication with you regularly during the conveyancing process. There will be questions that need answering, documents to be signed and updates on any additional works or special conditions as to the sale or purchase of the property that may need to be confirmed. No matter how often you frequent the conveyancing world, customer service and good communication is an important part of a smooth transaction. If your lawyer or conveyancer is not communicating well with you, the agent or the representative of the other side of the transaction, there is a risk that the transaction could be delayed or even lost.

    Before you decide who to choose to represent you for your conveyance, get to know the person who will be representing you. It is important that you cant trust this person to protect you and work in your best interests.

Ardent Lawyers is but one low cost conveyancing option for you to consider when you require representation for the purchase or sale of a property. We can guarantee you a fixed legal fee, and excellent customer service and communication during the process. 

If you're looking for someone to represent you on your next conveyancing matter, come and sit down with us, have a coffee and get to know us a little. 

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