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Whether you're buying or selling, Ardent Lawyers has the technology and processes available to make your conveyance a fast, smooth and cost-effective transaction.

If you’re looking to buy your first home, and want to understand more about the conveyancing process, have a look at our first home buyers guide.

Ardent Lawyers is a PEXA member, meaning we are trained and qualified to conduct your conveyancing transaction online. This ensures a more secure and faster process than the historical paper based transaction.

As a PEXA member, conveyancing transactions take less time to conduct then ever before. That's why Ardent Lawyers offers fixed pricing of $1,500 incl GST for all local conveyancing (standalone houses and/or land only - units may be extra). This includes the disbursements for carrying out the transaction (but does not include stamp duty, PEXA fees, discharge of mortgage fees, surveys or pest and/or building inspections).

For more information about e-conveyancing, you can read our e-conveyancing article.

If you're wondering whether you should use a lawyer or a conveyancer for your transaction, we have written an article on this subject to assist you to make your decision.

If you would like to retain us as your conveyancer, fill out the form below (purchaser or seller) and return it to us by email, fax or post so that we can get started on your transaction straight away.

We can also:

  • Provide advice on a contract.

  • Provide advice on a mortgage or guarantee.

  • Act as an agent in a local conveyancing matter.

Contact us on (02) 4444 6808 to obtain a quote on anything above, or for our conveyancing fees for units/strata/community title properties.



A commercial lease or retail lease is a document that sets out the rights and obligations of a lessor (the owner of the property) and the lessee (the person/company who wishes to lease the property).

We can help you:

  • Prepare a Lease for your commercial property

  • Provide advice on a Lease if your thinking of leasing a commercial property.

The typical terms and conditions of a lease will include the following:

  • the period of the lease

  • any options for renewal;

  • rent, outgoings and the rent review mechanisms;

  • responsibility for maintenance, repairs and structural works;

  • the tenant’s scope to carry out works on the premises to suit its requirements;

  • circumstances in which the landlord may access the premises;

  • the process for dealing with tenant breaches as well as grounds for termination;

  • restrictions on subleasing;

  • the scope of the tenant’s obligation to “make good” the premises at the end of the lease term;

  • insurance, indemnity and liability for damage to the premises;

  • the rights of both parties if the landlord wants to renovate or redevelop the premises;

  • bank guarantees and security deposits; and

  • a dispute resolution plan.

If you need assistance to prepare or have a lease reviewed, contact our law firm on (02) 4444 6808 to make an appointment. We will prepare or review your lease for a fixed fee.